Tuesday, November 08, 2011

notcommonpeople at nofound_photofair!

nofound_photofair, in partnership with the TV channel Souvenirs from Earth, is pleased to announce the launch of the project The Black Box. Located in the heart of the exhibition space of contemporary photography fair nofound_photofair, The Black Box is designed to promote the work of the most active photo curators on the Internet through multimedia projects (slideshows, interactive exhibitions, etc.).
The Black Box is a 10 sqm booth closed in darkness. Fully equipped with sound and HD video, it is flexible according to the proposed projects.

The programme of The Black Box will be displayed in a loop during the entire time of the fair nofound_photofair.
The TV channel Souvenirs from Earth will broadcast The Black Box on several occasions between November and December 2011.

Thank you very much to Guillaume Maraud and Emeric Glayse.

nofound_photofair The Black Box Project



ronnielle said...

ohmigod, that tree dino.

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a SUPER weekend !

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